A handheld 2.2mm arthroscope, consisting of a needle with an integrated camera and a light source designed for in-office use.

Next-level diagnostics

Now, physicians can provide realtime analysis, effect faster treatment, and schedule patients for surgery immediately – resulting in quicker outcomes for patients and a more efficient process for doctors.

The future of visualization is here

Joint injuries can take weeks to visualize and diagnose with an MRI. mi-eye 2™ is faster, providing surgeons with instant answers – in the comfort of your office.

A powerful perspective

A wide, 120° viewing angle empowers doctors with the expanded perspective they need to visualize and confirm joint injuries.

The ultimate tool for surgeons

Microsoft and Trice Medical are proud to present the Trice Tablet. Its large, HD screen displays direct visualization from mi-eye 2™ with striking precision. The performance of the Trice tablet puts the indirect visualization of an MRI to shame.

Technical Specs


mi-eye 2™ arthroscope

  • 120° field of view
  • 5—35mm depth of field
  • Retractable 2.2mm needle
  • Image and video capture
  • Integrated optic and light source
  • Ergonomic handle for one-handed/ ambidextrous use

Trice Tablet

  • HD screen
  • 10.8” display
  • Live video with playback
  • Save and share videos and images
  • 1.6GHz Intel atom processor
  • Go-anywhere portability




How long does the typical mi-eye 2™ procedure take to perform?

The typical mi-eye 2™ procedure takes less than five minutes to perform. In some cases, pathology is visualized immediately depending on what you are looking for specifically in the joint.


How will the integration of mi-eye 2™ affect my practice flow?

Trice Medical has effective best practices that can result in no interruption to your normal practice flow. Additionally, our Clinical Specialists will work with your practice to ensure the smoothest integration of mi-eye technology.


What is the cost of additional supplies for my practice?

Based on common unit costs of the required supplies, a total cost per patient can be expected to be less than $15 per patient.


Who are the ideal mi-eye 2™ patients?

mi-eye 2™ is ideal for patients that are not candidates for an MRI such as those with claustrophobia, pacemakers, metal implants, obesity or anxiety. In addition, mi-eye 2™ is ideal for patients that want an immediate answer to what is causing their pain.


Do patients have any issues tolerating a 2.2mm-gauge needle?

Patients have tolerated the procedure very well, with most reporting little to no pain. It is important to note that every patient is different, and pain may be variable. We recommend an injection of local anesthetic prior to the mi-eye 2™ procedure to help eliminate any unneccesary pain or discomfort.

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